December 2018

Being 'scherp' (sharp) means you have guts, pursue your dreams and don't let anyone stop you. Being 'scherp' is about taking risks and challenging yourself to stay 'op het scherpst van de snede' (on a knife's edge).

A female cook is central in my design. She is not taken seriously or accepted in the workplace because she is a woman. Because of this, she stays in the background focussing her frustrations on the endless chopping of mise en place. By doing so she hopes to one day get higher up. Having sustained this for a long time she then came to the point were getting the better of here and she couldn’t hide any longer. Her sharp inside, which she developed because of all the built up frustrations, is coming out. 

Alongside the suit come two accessories that have a common aspect of limiting the woman’s actions. The knife in her finger makes for that she can't stretch it without cutting herself. The shoes limit her at her job because

there is a lot of standing involved.

The shoes also symbolise the pain of a woman 'stepping into a man's world. She stepped into a knife and always has to walk on her toes.

In relaxed position (pants and jackets are loose) the knifes come out of her jacket. The moment she shows her femininity the suit tightens and suffocates her. My suit symbolises the battle she is in and how hard it can be to be a woman in a 'man's world'.