November 2017

A homage to Ronald van der Kemp

Researching van der Kemp’s historic background and his collections I came to the insight that the majority of his designs are influenced by:


- Constructivism

- Paris haute couture from the 50’s with the narrow waist and feminine forms

- 70’s and 80’s with ruffles and puffy shoulders

During my research I discovered that I could make a strong connection between Van der Kemps life and the aesthetics of a rose. When he finally started his own label, after working for other for a long time, he bloomed. His clothes are reminiscent of roses, its femininity contrasting the rough edges, the thorns.

From that moment on the process of how a dress became a rose and how a rose became a dress started.

Pink symbolises the feminine rose and black the rough edge, the thorns.

The dress became larger and larger, it was blooming itself!

This dress symbolises a rose that becomes larger and larger until the person wearing it disappears and you can’t see her anymore. To compete with the dress you have to become a rose yourself and bloom faster than the dress to be able to reach out of it. As in your every life, sometimes you hide to protect yourself, but will inevitably try to bloom your way out. This is necessary because who want to be out-bloomed?

You have to JUST BLOOM