My name is Sientje van 't Veer, I am 25 years old, my atelier is based in Scheveningen and I am graduated in Fashion Design at the Willem de Kooning Academy. I work as a freelancer in different industries like fashion and design, as a goldsmith at Orfèvre, at Muzee Scheveningen as a education developper and researcher around old Scheveningen wear and heritage and I make decoration for events at Beachclub Indigo.

My identity and work are best represented in contrasts. Poetic and analytical, thoughtful and experimental, orderly and creative, artisanal and commercial, a light energy and a worrier. Those different elements in me are sometimes at odds, this can trigger an inner tension. The way I deal with this and what this brings about is a reflection of my identity and the expression of my personal projects.

My sources of inspiration include Ronald van der Kemp, who strives for a more sustainable world in which recycling and the mentality of saving for a garment that will last a long time is central. I also long for the abstraction and yet playfulness of artist Miro. His images are placed in a new context, like words in a poem. Finally flowers, my inexhaustible source of inspiration, through the contrasts that I also see in myself. Feminine and robust, powerful and vulnerable, exploited and outliers, developmentally rhythmic and unexpected, in and out. Gaining new knowledge about, getting inspired by the shapes, and arranging them gives me endless energy. 




In the future, I aim to bring all my creative ideas together in a place full of passion, ambition and creativity, where you can educate yourself, be inspired, enthuse, find what you are looking for and relax. At the same time, I strive to provide more insight into the production process and everything that comes with my products and services, in order to give a more transparent and realistic picture to my consumers.

With my enthusiasm and passion I connect people and form a community of consumers, interested parties, creatives and those who are eager to learn. I hope that by seeing my work you will be inspired to get started and to give your creative brain free rein as I do again and again myself with so much fun and joy!


Lots of love,


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Linda Zwinkels
2 jaar geleden

Hi Sientje,

Dit is de zus van Petra Brekelmans.

Ben benieuwd of jij interesse hebt om voor mij een jurk te maken voor een bijzondere gelegenheid. Hoor het graag!

Je kunt mij bereiken via 0645358146.

Hartelijke groet,

Linda Zwinkels

2 jaar geleden