Samen Scheveninger

First half of 2021

Samen Scheveninger is a project based around the question: How do I represent a contemporary new Scheveningen identity based on the material and visual culture of the various inhabitants between 1900 and now?

 I have done extensive research into historical elements and features and images within different groups on Scheveningen. I have highlighted the most striking parts of this research for me and together they form a whole in my design. This piece is a Scheveningen jacket, put together my way, with blue overlock stitching visible on the outside as a symbol of the connector among the Scheveningen people, namely the sea and the contemporary speed of the craft. Furthermore, it consists of a leopard print of my own design, which represents all different groups of Scheveningen residents in a direct reference to parts of my research about these different groupes. The buttons are a contemporary translation of the old Scheveningen books, printed with a 3D printer and finally the stitching and the buttons are glow in the dark blue, as a reference to the basis, the core and the history of all Scheveningen residents when all the distracting, surrounding elements disappear. Around this as a starting point I designed a collection that is inspired in shapes by the Scheveningen traditional costume and in terms of colors by the different groups that live in Scheveningen and my self-designed print. I made this collection for the new generation of "Scheveningers" who opt for togetherness within the Scheveningen population. With this collection I want to reflect on and make a statement about a larger social issue through fashion by centering it within my personal environment and starting the conversation about inclusivity within the Scheveningen population. The population of Scheveningen is not a black and white picture, but a mix of different people and parts together. Every Scheveninger is unique and every Scheveninger is Samen Scheveninger!